Deep Cycle Batteries

SuperCharge deep cycle batteries provide power to electrical accessories, such as lights, trolling motors or winches.
It is built to provide a low, but steady level of power for a longer period of time.


Product – AMP-TECH
Description – Deep cycle battery with long running power and low current drain.
Application – For campervan, golf carts.
Features – Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate design to deliver constant power supply without loss of capacity. Prevents damage to plate’s active material due to vibration. Built to withstand multiple extensive discharge and re-charge cycles


Product – AllRounder
Description – Starting and deep cycle battery all in one.
Application – 4wd, motor home/camping, maine & leisure power requirement
Features – Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate formulation for superior cranking with cyclic ability. Improved heat and vibration tolerance for
long service life. EGX Technology.Maintenance-Free, “No need to add water”.

AC Delco

AC Delco is a top quality battery and are made using the best products and manufactured to the highest standard.
AC Delco marine, truck and car batteries are charged and ready to go.
Whether you have a car, truck, marine vehicle, there’s likely an AC Delco battery that can power it. From a battery that is competitively priced to one that can withstand harsh elements, AC Delco has a battery for just about every need. Plus, AC Delco batteries are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry

Other brands available for Deep Cycle are:
Optima, Full River, Predator, Delkor

Portable Solar Panels & Portable Folding 12v Solar Panels for Camping, Caravans & Fridges.

Get the Best Portable Solar Panel Setups for Camping Caravans, Camper Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats & Off Grid Living.

Portable Solar Panels are a fantastic option for Solar Camping as they allow you to take the conveniences of home with you when you head outdoors in your caravan, camper trailer or camping setup. At Aussie Batteries & Solar, when you buy a portable solar panel from us, you can rest easy knowing that you have brought good quality and it will not let you down. Every portable solar panel is built using the finest domestic and imported parts to ensure that you will always get the best quality portable solar panel on the market. There is a growing range of cheap solar panels and many new portable solar panels are built with the focus on reducing costs and quality to remain cheap.

All coast batteries are focused only on top quality portable solar panels that will go the distance.

Golf, Mobility and Utility Vehicles

Trojan Battery Company has its roots in the development of deep cycle battery technology for golf carts. Built to deliver superior performance, durability and reliability, these batteries utilise the highest quality components and meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in Australia.

Trojan Grid Technology

Reduced Downtime
Trojan’s grid technology is a lead antimony alloy grid mixture formulated specifically for use with Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology. The grid formulation provides exceptional structural adhesion between the Alpha Plus Paste and the grid frame. Thick grids reinforce the strength of the frame and reduce overall corrosion. The overall grid configuration is optimised to enhance current flow through the grid network providing exceptional battery performance, reducing downtime and lowering overall maintenance costs.

Maxguard T2 Separator

Longer Battery Life
Exclusively available in Trojan batteries is our Maxguard T2 advanced separator. Trojan’s Maxguard T2 separator features a multi-rib geometry which keeps acid channels open longer enhancing electrochemical processing while reducing the risk of stratification. Maxguard’s proprietary rubber-based material formulation inhibits antimony transfer between the positive grids and negative plates; a protection not available in many other competitor batteries. A newly fortified, thick back web provides even greater separator strength resulting in more robust battery with increased protection against failures caused by separator degradation.

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